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Recap of MAPG 2022

MAPG was Excellent!

This year’s MAPG even was excellent! Michael Hardin and his entourage of helpers did a great job! And a huge shoutout to all the sponsors and vendors that made the event really come together.

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you can probably tell that I always enjoy attending these events. I get something different from each time I go. When I was relatively new to pen turning, I was glued to every word from every one of the demonstrators. Then I started taking an interest in the one-on-one sessions for some valuable hands-on time with the various masters. I learned to do resin pours, make segmented blanks and how to turn kitless pens, to name a few. These events are also a great opportunity to replenish my own stock of pen kits and blanks. My favorite thing from each event is a toss up between time spent with other pen makers and inspiration to try new things.

For the past few pen maker events, Vanessa and I have been helping out with the AV equipment. We did that at this event too but we also took a lot more pictures. I did two presentations and we had a photo contest. It was a lot of fun!

Paul & Vanessa behind the scenes

Greatest hits images from the event

Jason Robinson of Blankwerks Scott Vaugn of Leaping Lemur overview of vendor floor table close-up at Classic Nib Niels & Debbie Registration desk hard at work peppergrinders Niels & Debbie Mathiasen Kate Harrow of Bullseye Turning Dick Stohr doing his UV resin demo

Photo Contest Entries

Carolyn Hogan - Winner of the MAPG 2022 Photo Contest Carolyn Hogan – Winner of the MAPG 2022 Photo Contest

From the presentations

Here are some links that were shared during the sessions:

See ya next time!

As you can see from the photos, there’s something for pen makers of all skill levels.

I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone and I hope to see you at the next pen turner’s gathering! Thank you for reading.

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