Another awesome turnout!

If you are a pen turner and you have never been to a pen turner gathering, you are seriously missing out!
These events include:

  • Live demonstrations
  • One-on-one classes
  • Giveaways (lots of giveaways!)
  • Vendors

As usual, I learned a lot of new things! I came home inspired to turn some pens and I spent way more money than I planned to.

Vanessa and I had the opportunity to run the cameras and record the demonstrations. We had a few technical difficulties but we made it through and still captured a lot of very useful content. As I type this another video is being uploaded to the MOVPTG YouTube channel. Click the video below to watch a walk-thru of the event. Be sure to subscribe so you can get notified as the rest of the videos are uploaded.

If you’re on Facebook be sure to check out the Mid-Ohio Valley Pen Turners Gathering group page for all the details and videos and photographs that everyone posted.

Thanks again to Jason & Jess Rose for coordinating another excellent event! A special shoutout to the vendors that travel with all their goodies to make these events possible.

See ya next year!

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