5 hand turned pens in a row

Product Photography

Are you ready to capture your products in all their glory? Let’s do this! 

Here is a helpful guide to help you remember the things that will make your customers go wild.

Plan your shots: Think about how you want to show off your products. Consider the shape of the pen bodies and the caps and work with the leading lines. Be sure to accentuate the parts of the pen that you intend to feature in the description. Do you want a shot of your item by itself? Maybe a close-up of its features? Or how about a lifestyle shot showing it off in its natural habitat? The possibilities are endless!

Gather your gear: To make sure your photos are top-notch, you’ll need some equipment. Grab your camera or smartphone, softbox lights or a lightbox, a backdrop, a tripod (or stack of books), and props to show scale. Don’t forget the silly putty to keep everything in place.

Set up your scene: Keep it simple, but make sure it complements your product. You don’t always have to use a lightbox, I only recommend it for consistency and ease in post editing. 

Light it up: Lighting is key! If you are going to use natural light, be sure to diffuse the lighting so it’s not too harsh. You’d be amazed at what you can use to diffuse light. Avoid mixing natural and artificial light, and say no to the camera flash!

Keep it steady: Nobody likes blurry pics! I cannot recommend using a tripod enough!! 

Edit like a pro: A little editing goes a long way! Crop your photos, adjust the brightness, and use editing software for quick touch-ups. Don’t go overboard with the filters – you need to portray the colors and hardware as true-to-life as possible.

If you have any questions about this list, feel free to comment below or email me at paul@penportfolios.com 

Now get snappin’!!!

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