Country road with a line of mailboxes

You’ve got mail

You’ve got mail

Are you old enough to recall the AOL voice saying, “you’ve got mail” whenever a new email arrived to your inbox? I am and back then I thought it was the coolest thing. They even made a movie called “You’ve got mail.”

Now that my pop culture references have totally revealed my age, can you imagine if everyone had the same kind of email notification these days? No way! We’d have to throw our devices out because whether we like it or not we are receiving a myriad of emails from known and unknown sources all day long. I think it’s safe to say that we now have a love-hate relationship with email and yet it remains one of the best forms of online marketing.

When you stop and think about it, selling pens or pen-making materials is really a niche thing. That means that the people who buy from you are doing so because they really want to so why not nurture that relationship? I think it’s important to note that in the context of digital marketing, the word “nurture” usually means “spam the crap out of them” so please be judicious with your emails.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

To start, email marketing is incredibly cost-effective in comparison to many other advertising options and since the effectiveness of personalization on reaching, engaging, and influencing a wide variety of audiences has been improved, there are many people today who have reason to make a good argument for why an email marketing strategy should form a central component of their overall business promotion strategy.

1. Welcome emails have a high open-rate. A welcome mail is an email you get when you first sign up for something. Why not use this to your advantage and include some really useful information in your next email? This way, you’ll catch the eye of more people who are not just opening your email, but taking it upon themselves to read what you’ve included between the lines.

2. Personalization works wonder! Everyone loves special attention and it’s been shown that a personalized subject line leads to 50% more emails opened. That’s huge!!

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