How I normally do it...

I pretty much photograph my pens for online sales on a white background. I use Silly Putty to keep it from rolling around in the lightbox and to keep the clip facing in the direction that I want it to face, usually up. However, every once in a while I want to photograph the pen for the purpose of an ad or a social media post and in those instances, I’ll often shoot on a different surface. It’s then that I like to explore various pen stands.

What happened?

At the 2019 MOVPTG I saw the cool pen display stands that the good folks of Cocoon Blanks use on their display tables and I bought one. I thought it would be cool on my desk and it is and then I thought it would be cool to incorporate into photographs. As I was looking at it through the lens though I noticed all the angles and direction it made the pen face and thought it would be better for my photographs without the angles and so I emailed Jim Godoy. I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. And it didn’t ???? — haha! We had a few back and forths as he made a prototype out of wood. Then one day a package arrived and it was a good day.

custom pen display
Custom made pen display by Cocoon Blanks

Why this is cool.

You’re probably wondering how something so simple garnered its own blog post… well, it’s really cool, that’s why!

Look! It’s not distracting and it’s just different enough to give a break from the surface it’s on. There’s a very shallow groove to snuggle the pen so it stays still but it’s not so deep that it hides some of the pen’s design. Behind the pen is a slightly elevated stage for the pen cap. This is important to show off the design on the band at the bottom of the cap which is often obscured by the pen.

Here are a few of the final images.

Custom made pen display by Cocoon Blanks

It’s a really simple thing but I like it and thought it might be useful for some of you out there photographing your pens. And BIG thanks to my friends at Cocoon Blanks for making a custom display. 

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